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We are a unique brand creating light-hearted, quirky designs from our love of pop culture and puns. Generic greeting card slogans arn't for us, our mission is to create relatable cards that make your heart melt and your sides ache.

Lydia, Co-Founder / Designer

Introducing our co-founder, a former fashion guru who ditched the runway for the sketchpad.

Lydia loved sending cards but noticed the available designs didn't reflect her vibe or pop culture. Millennials and younger generations were ghosting the card scene. With studies showing that card giving lights up our happy meter, something needed to change!

Sketchy Print Co burst onto the scene in 2018, ready to inject some authenticity and laughter into the lives of today's shoppers. We kicked off with the tagline 'Not your Granny's greeting cards' although truth be told, our cards are a hit with hip Nans too!

About Our Cards

All of our cards are illustrated in house by Lydia from our studio in Worcestershire, using a mix of digital and traditional techniques, giving each card our distinctive sketchy style.

As well as being designed and made in the UK, We also use UK based suppliers for our envelopes and packaging!

We use FSC certified card and packaging that can be recycled... or even composted such as our card wraps that are made from veg, mostly potatoes!

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